Conflict Management

Conflict Management

The Concept

Conflict is inevitable, we’ve all had conflict situations in the past and probably will have them in the future. This two day conflict resolution training program will teach you or help you teach others how to more confidently deal with workplace conflict situations. Participants will discover how conflict situations can be turned around into opportunities , they will explore and practice a conflict resolution process to more successfully handle workplace conflict.

Key Learning Points

Level 1

Is conflict good or bad?

Potential benefits of conflict.

Cost of conflict.

Defining workplace a conflict.

Level 2

The Four possible conflict outcomes.

Conflict resolution styles.

Find out your preferred conflict resolution style – self-assessment.

Conflict analysis worksheet.

Level 3

The importance of using the right language when resolving the conflict.

The six conflict resolution language fundamentals..

Level 4

The conflict resolution process.

The conflict resolution process skill practice activity

Games and Conflict resolution.

Counter-tactics and dealing with games.

Level 5

What is mediation?

Characteristics of a mediator

Key mediation tips.

The Four steps of mediation.

Take Away

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

Learn, Practice and follow a process of resolving the conflict.

Become more confident in handling interpersonal and common workplace conflict.

Find out their own preferred style of resolving conflict and become aware of the different styles of resolving the conflict.

Follow a step-by-step process of successfully mediating conflict between two parties. 

Designed For 

Managers/Senior Executives across different functions

Entrepreneurs/ Self Employed Professionals

Decision Makers irrespective of levels in companies