Art of small Talk

Art of Small Talk

The Concept

We all need to communicate with others. Yet many people consider approaching strangers a daunting task.

Most people know the incredible value of making connections and building relationships and how it can help them with their businesses, personal branding, networking and gaining recognition, but a large number of us find it difficult to approach others, perhaps feeling shy, unsure of what to say, how to initiate or maintain a conversation or how to approach a group.

Almost everyone is terrified of the awkward silence!  This fear can have a negative effect on customer relationships and also on the confidence of your staff.

Key Learning

This course helps participants learn the art of small talk to address every situation. It provides numerous strategies, techniques, and examples on what works and what does not so participants can clearly see what to do and say in any given situation.

How to Break the Silence

How can you overcome your fears to break the silence?

What strategies can you employ to approach a person to talk to?

What strategies will help you kick-start a conversation?

What statements are useful at the beginning of a conversation?

Selling and Small Talk

What is consultative selling?

How can you benefit from small talk during consultative selling?

What are two primary buying and selling modes?

How does buying and selling mode relate to small talk?

Joining a Conversation

How can you break into a 2-person conversation?

How can you break into a conversation among 3 or more people?

Maintain a Conversation

How to use active listening to maintain a conversation

How can you demonstrate that you are actually listening?

What methods can you use to encourage a speaker to continue a conversation?

Small Talk Performance

What strategies can you use to improve your small talk performance?

Why people remain quiet and how can you address it?

How to use small talk to increase your personal impact

How to leave a lasting positive impression

Take Away

Avoid responses that kill conversations

Use strategies that start a conversation

Avoid awkward silences

Using small talk to make a positive impact

Break into a conversation tactfully and politely

Use strategies to maintain a conversation

Control conversations with confidence

Designed For 

Anybody and everybody at different levels of the organization/entrepreneurs/professionals to enhance their speaking skills and to create a positive impression on others.