Professional Selling Art

Professional Selling Art

The Concept

Many sales professionals fall into the trap of talking too much. They just can’t wait to tell customers all about the features or benefits their product/service will bring or how great their company is, without first understanding the needs and desires of the customer. This is not usually the best approach.

From controlling conversations with customers to asking the right questions to uncover needs, this course will enhance athe bility to connect better with customers, overcome objections and close the sale confidently and effectively.

Key Learning Points 

The perfect salesperson – Activity

Module 1:

Controlling a conversation

Using the power of questions

The OPEN question selling technique

(Operational, probing, effect and nail down questions)

Module 2:

Listen and know your FAB – Features, advantages, Benefits (Skillset)

The importance of listening

Features, advantages, and benefits

Customer specific benefits

Identifying customer’s decision criteria

Module  3:

Handle objections and close the sale

Types of objections

The APAC objections handling model

Handling the most common objection “price”

Nine closing techniques

Module 4:

The professional selling mindset

The right state of mind to sell

The more “No’s” you get

Visualize your sale

Know what you’re selling inside out.

Module 5:

Understanding buyer types and follow-up

Understanding the different behavioral styles and personality types

Find out your major behavioral style and personality type

Selling to different personality styles

After sales and follow-up

Take Away 

Understand what is needed to have both the right skill set and mindset to sell.

Connect better with customers, overcome objections and close sales confidently to achieve targets.

Learn and practice an effective sales questioning technique that will increase sales by better understanding customer needs.

Understand the 4 major behavioral styles and personality types and how to sell to each buyer type.

Designed For 

Uncovering and exploring the mindset of the professional sales executives.