Stress Management

Stress Management

The Concept

Time is perfectly democratic. Nobody has more or less of it than you do. Managing one’s time effectively has been proven to be an essential skill for success. Everyone needs to deal with umpteen number of “stuff” that demand your time on a daily basis, whether they are mails, emails, calls, information packs, messages, or even random events like the breakdown of a car. We need to deal with a collection of unrelated stuff at work and at home using only “one” mind. Our extensive training program on this topic would help you achieve a sense of balance in life, reduce stress, enjoy life and allocate time according to priorities between work and home. 

Key Learning Points

Characteristics of Time.

Pareto Principle.

Effective Delegation.

Stress Mgt and time Mgt.

Day-to-day Time Management Techniques.

Impact of stress – Individual and Organizational level.

Managing emotions (Anger, frustration and fear).

Delegation to maximize throughput

Power of positive thinking


At the end of the training program one would be able to:

Control your thoughts with the right attitude so that you maximize your time efficiency

Plan effectively – your goals and your mission

Organize your life efficiently and free your mind of little tasks

Recognize the signs of Chronic Disorganization and tackle them.

Determine why and where you procrastinate and avoid procrastination.

Anticipate and resolve stressful situations systematically using time-based

and people-based techniques

Use autosuggestion and imagination to full extent to manage your stress


Designed For 

CEO’s/Managers/Senior Executives across different functions

Entrepreneurs/ Self Employed Professionals

Decision Makers irrespective of levels in companies