Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

The Concept 

A major part of being a leader is about having the ability to motivate and mobilize your team to drive their performance to their full potential. This mini-course will put you on the right track to give leaders greater confidence and equip them with the most up to date motivation concepts through a number of fun activities and exercises that will empower them to offer their people an “action guide”, a plan, a challenge, a goal or a purpose that they are willing to embrace and carry on to achieve amazing results.

Key Learning Points

What motivates us? – Activity

Motivation model (Connected, Secure, Stimulated, Engaged) – Skill practice role play activity

Interesting differences in motivation

The Big “Myth” about what drives employee engagement.

What do your employees want?

Uncover hidden sources of motivation – Activity.

Motivating today’s employees

Six conditions for the most powerful motivators

Take Away

At the end of this program, you will be able to find the perennial source of motivation with you that will keep you active and energetic throughout the days. It will provide you the ability to motivate yourself and mobilize your team to drive their performance to their full potential.  

Designed For

Managers, Business Unit Managers, Team Leaders or Individual Contributors who impact the business.  This workshop also helps each and every employee to work efficiently and grow within in the organization.