Negotiation Skills

The Concept

This course enables delegates to focus on the key aspects of successful negotiations including arguments and counter-arguments; fallback positions and creative solutions; deadlock and alternatives to the agreement. It is designed to lead to practical skills to enable delegates to be both competent and confident in their negotiations.

Key Learning Points

What is negotiation

The negotiation process

Preparing for negotiation

Negotiating using variable concessions

What type of negotiator

What do great negotiators do?

Negotiation skills – Bargaining

Strategies for dealing with resistance in negotiations

By the end of this course, you will feel both competent and confident in your negotiations. It will allow you to:

describe the key features of winning negotiation

examine the benefits of professional negotiation

manage your business target in a better way

increase self-esteem and reduction in stress

negotiate more effectively

Take Away

After completion of this course you will:

develop confidence and reduce the fear or panic when negotiating

learn to use several new winning negotiation techniques

recognize the verbal, vocal and written aspects of negotiation

learn tips for effective negotiations

Designed For

HR / Personnel Executives / Payroll and Admin Executives / Entrepreneurs / Project In Charge Service Providers / Finance Executives and Company Secretaries / Shop Floor Managers – Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality Services