Organizational Development

Organizational Development

The Concept 

Organizational development deals with multiple admin strategies for the modification of beliefs, values, and organizational planning to adapt new technologies, challenges, and markets. OD is recognized as an arena of science concentrating on understanding and dealing with organizational amendment and as an arena of methodical study and review.

Broadly, OD covers the complete betterment of the organization about its administration, workforce, productivity, and satisfaction of members and associates through analysis, planning and process enforcement. Certified OD specialists help organizations in identifying OD issues and arriving at a suitable development model to help company’s growth.

It also focuses on crafting the organization’s portfolio and determining what businesses should be, what are the performance requirements and what types of alliances that make sense. It also focuses on defining the culture, values, and way of working together to achieve corporate vision and goals.

Key Learning Points 

Learning Goals

Organizational Diagnosis, using Malcolm Baldridge model

Diagnosis of HR processes, people & indicators

Understand organizations as process & system levels

Identify and improve organizational processes and systems:

Organizational leadership development

Organizational culture using Hofstede and Schein’s model

Organizational strategy & process alignment

HR processes and their improvement

Other organization processes

Methods to implement and improve OD practices

Understand knowledge management & its trends in organization

Learn about key customer related aspects & models

Develop capabilities for using one’s self as an agent of change

Build and develop organizational development solutions that will achieve the best long-term results

Application of various OD theories and models in real-time situations

Key Take Away 

Get a comprehensive, information-packed courseware during the program and for back home use

Learn from the industry experts who have a vast experience in the area of HR

Network with other professionals with same background and interest

Designed For 

Chief Executive Officers/Departmental Heads/Managers/Entrepreneurs.